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Established in 2009, Perth Western Australia's own 'Saviour' has been on on a rise through the Australian heavy music scene with their own personalised take on melodic hardcore. The 5 piece have found their niche by blending heavy elements of metal/hardcore and colliding them with melodic emotion which for years has made this outfit hauntingly unique. Their music journeys through anger and darkness whilst seamlessly combining it with ambience which is complimented by the identifiable voice of singer/keyboardist Shontay Snow.

Saviour has been main-stayer on the Australian touring circuit since 2012. Off the back of a self released effort with 2011 album 'Once We Were Lions' the band has since spent close to a decade touring the country with widely renowned national and international artists. After their ARIA charting release of 2013 album 'First Light To My Death Bed' the band came to halt.

Saviour woke up 2 years later with their 2017 release 'Let Me Leave' which found them back on the road discovering new fans worldwide. Much to the delight of their followers, 2020 will see Saviour release their 4th studio album 'A Lunar Rose'. An album which is building up to be Saviour's most anticipated release to date.

Saviour is:
Bryant Best - Vocals
Shontay Snow - Vocals/Keys
Daniel Rees - Guitar
Chris Pearce - Bass
Michael Matta - Drums


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A Lunar Rose

28th February 2020


Perth heavy act Saviour are back bolder than ever with the impending release of their fourth studio album ‘A Lunar Rose’. The latest release from the Perth group edges towards heavier territory, exploring elements of living with inner demons, reminiscent memories and pathways to resolution. A Lunar Rose is a fitting follow up to previous releases ‘Once We Were Lions’ (2011), ‘First Light To My Deathbed’ (2013) and ‘Let Me Leave’ (2017) and further demonstrates the groups’ ability to create soundscapes that mirror the world around them. 

“A Lunar Rose for me is a bleak journey from where the brighter side of life meets the aftermath. I think it captures that reminiscent voice that most people have inside them and gives it real life audio. Listening back to the record, it’s still kind of hard to listen to without feeling a bit torn by the end. It’s an emotional journey where the dark out shadows the light. This album might just be the heaviest Saviour album to date. If it’s not the heaviest, it’s certainly the most aggressive. A Lunar Rose holds real meaning to all of us and it’s one that we are going to be proud of no matter what happens moving forward” 
- Bryant Best

This work is the first major release from the current lineup Bryant Best (vocals), Shontay Snow (keyboard/vocals), Daniel Rees (guitar), Michael Matta (drums) and Chris Pearce (bass). The band have maintained their haunting melodic qualities whilst returning to an emotionally powerful heavy edge, a balance that was vitally important in telling the stories of A Lunar Rose. 

“The Saviour line up right now is very cohesive. We were all close friends before the band brought us together, so it’s made the working environment for us an enjoyable place to be. We had a lot of trouble over the past couple years getting this album together, the majority of which was out of our control. However, finding the sound direction of A Lunar Rose was something that came easy for us. The elements we all wanted from this record was to keep it heavy, keep it melodic, and keep it heartfelt. At its core, I think A Lunar Rose is a byproduct of that. For us, it feels natural and nothing about it feels forced.”
- Bryant Best

Saviour will be embarking on an Australian tour in support of the new release with dates for the run soon to be announced. A Lunar Rose is set to be released on all major streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music as well as being  complemented by album CD’s and a rare run of vinyl copies available online at


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Once We Were Lions



First Light To My Death Bed



Let Me Leave



A Lunar Rose


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The low and sparkless “Enemies” explores a suffocating existence through punishing instrumentation. Kept trapped and stuck by memories, and endlessly “Dreaming of what we could have been”...

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