Since the first spark of creativity that became Perth’s beloved heavy melodic act ‘Saviour’, both the external world, and the internal mechanics of the band have changed dramatically; however the one thing that will forever remain, is their burning desire to create something truly unique within the alternative music scene. Their etherial collision of aggressive post-hardcore with atmospheric electronic sounds and vocals has lead to the six-piece standing out from the crowd for over a decade.

Saviour has joined forces with Greyscale Records to unleash their most critically acclaimed album to date 'Shine & Fade'. Available now online via all major streaming services.


Saviour is:

Bryant Best - Vocals

Shontay Snow - Vocals/Keys

Daniel Rees - Guitar

Curtis Tunks - Guitar

Chris Pearce - Vocals/Bass

Michael Matta - Drums



Lyndsay Antica, Tom Petrou, Toby Savin,

Jordan Mather, Graeme Burgess, Paul Blythman,

Tylar Rettig & Tom Beaumont